Friday, January 25, 2019

March 2018

Keaton was an absolute Rockstar for his student led conference. 

Chloe did a great job too!

Chloe did a fun shoot in an ice cream shop

She also had dance competitions start.

We left our favorite school, Voyage Academy.  I got a new job and could no longer make pick ups work.  Chloe's class made her the nicest cards.

First day of new school!

First day of new school!

We saw Lauren in her high school play

Debby took the kids to the treehouse museum.

Keaton and I got to go to a Jazz game!

Chloe had lots of support at her dance comp!

She made a line of cars as big as her!

We went to a new park


Easter egg hunt!

Chloe filmed a fun commercial.

February 2018

The cousins have been putting on some epic plays on Sunday nights

Keaton and I went to the grand opening of Black Bear Diner.  It was great! 

Grandma made Shelby the cutest wolf cake!

Shelby turned 13!!! How did that happen? I officially have a teenager!  We went to cheesecake factory to celebrate.

We also went to Rush

And ended the night at dinner at El Matador's.

Keaton made a cool vending machine Valentine's box.

Chloe had to make a box inspired by a book.  She chose Fancy Nancy!

January 2018

We took the  most epic girls trip.  We left super early

I had a cute baby and baby carrots...I was good.

We went to voodoo doughnuts and it was delish.

We went to universal and had a great time!

LOVE this group!

We had a house a couple blocks away from the beach.


Beach girls.  It was kind of windy and chilly.


Us gals decided to go to a Ram's playoff game!

Deep thoughts.

It was SO much fun!

Supermodel status

We celebrated Jeremy's birthday

The kids had a fun day sledding!

December 2017

Well, I'm officially over a year behind.  All signs point to me continuing to be far behind.  Haha!
Gingerbread house night is always the best!

Keaton's masterpiece

Shelby's masterpiece

Chloe's masterpiece

The group!

I officially graduated with my Masters in Social Work and passed my licensing exam.  We all went to dinner at Chili's and the night ended with a pie in my face.  It was great!

Keaton was Joseph...or a wiseman, I can't remember

The nativity group

Santa came!

They all are holding their favorite gift of the year.

I found these cuties playing a game upstairs at grandma's and grandpa's.

Cousin sleepover at grandma's house.  She is brave and le them make slime!

We ADORE when Samantha is in town.

Chloe did a cute photoshoot.

We went to California and universal studios.

Mmmmmm butterbeer.

Chloe joined this talented bunch!

Keaton found his name!

Cute Shelby


Tucker moved his traditional meal for his birthday up to the mountains!

Shelby had a choir concert and did great!

Samantha took this picture of Chloe and it ended up in a gallery for a month!

Chloe met a Disney star (Sofia Wiley) at her audition.

I went to 2 concerts (Lady Gaga and Katy Perry)

We saw Santa!