Friday, January 6, 2017


September was warm and wonderful.  Here are some highlights from this month
Shelby had more pulmonary testing.  They are trying to figure out a solution to her lung problems.

Chloe fell asleep on me...she never does that!

I had been begging my dad to take me fishing and he finally caved.  The kids got to come too and they  loved it.

The fishing was amazing and we were all able to catch some fish.

It was a seriously gorgeous day.

Shelby, the animal lover, did not like holding the fish.  She screamed and dropped this one right after the picture was taken.

My dad was the real MVP.  He took such good care of us and went from line to line restringing and taking care of the fish for us. 

Fishing squad!

Our car was stolen from our driveway.  That was not fun.  The police found it 2 days later and for that we are grateful!

We went to watch Maddie play soccer but they craziest storm came through and we had to make a run for it in the torrential rain.

We went on a late night laser tag adventure.

My friend Crystal did family pictures for the whole Steed family.  We had never had a professional picture done together so it was way overdue!

The Steed grandkids.  So cute!

I sure love these people.

Chloe's kindergarten class went to the treehouse museum.  Chloe was chosen to go on stage.

She was also chosen to play Cinderella.

Chloe and her cute friend Laynie.

We were lucky enough to have gorgeous weather for a last beach day.  These cuties loved the sand.

Keaton and Max usually stick together.

Shelby LOVES the paddleboard.

We got some tubing in.  Shelby has to take a slow ride because we can't risk any trauma to her head.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

End of August

This kid can make anything that he sets his mind too.  Today it was a paper glove.  Ha!

My long time BFF got married.  She was the most beautiful bride!

I got to see another bestie at Fiesta.  I love her!

Sometimes you roll up with your crew and things get real.

I took my family to see my new office!  I absolutely love my job.

We went to the Roy Aquatic Center for end of summer swimming.

The summer flew by too fast and the kids had to go back to school.  Shelby's first day in 6th.

Keaton's first day of 4th.

At the school.

Chloe rocked her first day of Kindergarten.  I miss my buddy.

Chloe had her summer dance recital and did awesome.

I drove up to the Huntsville area on my birthday to watch the hot air balloon festival.

Cutest grandpa ever.

The kids found a snake and it was practically like Christmas morning.

That face is happy!

We also played some Frisbee golf before I left.

Tucker and I spent the night in Park City.

Chloe came to work with me one morning while I was getting set up.  She thought it was great.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cabin weekend

Right after we got home from Bear Lake, we repacked for the cabin and off we went.  It was sprinkling and this gorgeous rainbow appeared.

Shelby shaking hands with Jackson.  He is the best dog.

Tucker's dad was up there. 

Mountain man and woman!

Campfire selfie!

Keaton found this walking stick that he uses up there all the time.

They also like to play in their fort in the front of the cabin.

I did some reading for was a great weekend.