Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day

We had a great Christmas. It was the first year that Shelby kinda knew what was going on and she had so much fun opening her presents(and Keaton's.) Shelby got spoiled as usual! We had a wonderful time spending the day with our families. Christmas Eve was pretty crazy. We had to drive to Sandy for a Christmas party right in the middle of a bad snow storm. I was so nervous driving down there. On our way back we saw a spin out right in front of us. I missed most of the candlelight dinner at my parents because Keaton was hungry and as many moms know they cant wait! We played the dice game after and my parents had a VERY generous amount of gifts for everyone. I have to say that it was the most beautiful Christmas day I remember. After a ton of snow on Christmas Eve the sun was shining and it was gorgeous.
Shelby on her rocking horse.
Keatons exersaucer

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Our new Tradition

There is this house by us in West Haven that has the most amazing lights display. This man has put up over 60,000 lights on his house and made a program where the lights are synchronized with music. They have there own radio station to tune in when you get down there. The whole program takes over 15 minutes! It is really cool. Me and Tucker heard about it last year and I was in complete awe. This year we went down and Shelby LOVED it. She was so excited. We decided to make it a tradition to go down every year. The website is Check it out or go see the actual display!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Santa-- Shelby's Worst Nightmare

Shelby is terrified of Santa. I was talking about it with my family the other day and all of her scariest things are wrapped into one. She hates hats, gloves and beards. Santa came to a family party a few weeks ago and needless to say it was pretty funny. My mom was holding her and she clung on for dear life to her the second he walked in. I had her go up with me to get closer(and get her present.) but she wasn't having any thing to do with that. However Keaton didnt seem to mind, this year at least.

8 Days Until Christmas!

I really do love this time of year. My favorite things about Christmas are:

1. Spending time with family. I enjoy seeing more of everyone around the holidays. I love our holiday traditions that we have with an extended family and with our own family.

2. The Christmas music. From December 1st on I only listen to Christmas music.

3. The Lights. Tucker and I have drove around quite a bit this season looking at all the lights. We have some wonderfully decorated homes by us and Roy City's lights are very good. Shelby spots all the lights from the car and at night its her constantly saying "Ights, Ights"

4. The Christmas Spirit. Cheesy, maybe but I love to watch Shelby getting excited about everything and if you stay away from the stores It really is a wonderful time of year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Houses and Jobs

We are officially "under contract" with our house! I am way excited that it sold. I am also nervous because we have to be out by January 7th and we have no idea where we are going to go. We have been looking at a few houses in Roy so we will see if we can be in by then. Also on January 3rd I start a new job with Jet Blue. I have been with LDS Hospital for six years, I will be sad to leave but happy about the benefits with working for an airline. That's two huge changes in a short period of time. We are not going to have a Christmas tree this year since we will be packing things up. :(

Saturday, December 8, 2007

My favorite Age

Keaton is SO darn cute right now. This has to be one of my very favorite ages. I will always catch him looking at me and just smiling. Its the greatest feeling to walk in his room in the morning and have him give me the biggest smile. He also is over his horrible colic, Thank goodness. He has the chubbiest cheeks that are perfect for kissing. Shelby is also a wonderful big sister and likes to help me with him.