Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day

We had a great Christmas. It was the first year that Shelby kinda knew what was going on and she had so much fun opening her presents(and Keaton's.) Shelby got spoiled as usual! We had a wonderful time spending the day with our families. Christmas Eve was pretty crazy. We had to drive to Sandy for a Christmas party right in the middle of a bad snow storm. I was so nervous driving down there. On our way back we saw a spin out right in front of us. I missed most of the candlelight dinner at my parents because Keaton was hungry and as many moms know they cant wait! We played the dice game after and my parents had a VERY generous amount of gifts for everyone. I have to say that it was the most beautiful Christmas day I remember. After a ton of snow on Christmas Eve the sun was shining and it was gorgeous.
Shelby on her rocking horse.
Keatons exersaucer


tysqui said...

Cute photos. It looks like your kids (and you) had a great Christmas.

Alysia said...

It was fun to see you as well. Good luck with all yuor big changes this week, moving, new job... I can't wait till those flight benefits kick in!