Monday, December 17, 2007

Santa-- Shelby's Worst Nightmare

Shelby is terrified of Santa. I was talking about it with my family the other day and all of her scariest things are wrapped into one. She hates hats, gloves and beards. Santa came to a family party a few weeks ago and needless to say it was pretty funny. My mom was holding her and she clung on for dear life to her the second he walked in. I had her go up with me to get closer(and get her present.) but she wasn't having any thing to do with that. However Keaton didnt seem to mind, this year at least.


Alysia said...

Poor Shelby, having to be traumatised every year, I love it though! Those pictures are perfect. I LOVE Keaton's hat. He is a dang cute baby boy. I heard the party was lots and lots of fun!

McKell said...

Poor Shelby! She isn't the only one. We went to see Santa Kinsley cried and Maelee kept saying bye-bye to him from a distance. I think Santa is way scary but the presents make up for it ha ha.