Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Crazy Days!

This past week and a half has been CRAZY! It has been so hard moving and working 40 hours a week for this training. Thank goodness though we got out of our townhouse in time...barely. Then Tucker and his dad moved our stuff into the new house. On Sunday Tucker got most of it sorted out. It was stressing me out so bad to not know where anything was and for a few days I had to stay at my parents until he got our beds set up. That all equalled to no sleep for a week. Anyway, things are much better now and I still really like my training(The work, not the hours) I am surprised that there is so much to learn. Even at the hospital I didnt train this long.

Here is a cute pic of Shelby. She found this costume in one of our boxes and LOVED it!


Alysia said...

I love your new teplate. Very you and very cute. That picture of Shelby is so cute.

McKell said...

Ugh sounds like things have been keeping you busy! I'm NOT looking forward to moving it never is fun. When do you start working from home? Shelby is so sweet I love that picture!

Mitzi said...

You're blog is so cute! It was fun to hear from you. Your little ones are ADORABLE! It was good to see you too! I hope you get unpacked and settled soon. Moving is THE WORST!