Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hanging Out With Daddy

In the last few weeks while I have been gone the kids have really enjoyed playing with Tucker. He has got to see what it is like to fix dinner for himself and the kids, get them ready for bed, feed Keaton, entertain them and put them to sleep. Shelby is beginning to cross over to being a daddy's girl instead of such a major mommy's girl. I love it though! Tucker already has some serious plans for Keaton.... going to the cabin, supporting us in the NBA, snowmobiling etc. They are very cute together.

Tucker's cousins Michele and Woody gave Keaton and Shelby matching jammies with slippers for Christmas. I think they are adorable so I wanted to post a pic.


Becky said...

Hey Rachelle,
This is Becky Squire. Your family is SO cute! I was reading about your jetblue job and wondered if you could e-mail me some info about it. I'm looking for something like that. Thanks!

Alysia said...

Shell, Your kids keep getting cuter at cuter. Way to go Tucker for handeling things on his own. I think that is great and makes him apprieciate you so much more right?! Good luck with your last few days of training!

Jana said...

i LOVE the pictures.
you have beautiful children!!!!!
i want to know all about the preschool so you will have to fill me in tomorrow. I still am pretty disturbed by your story and i'm still bubbling for you. anyways... i hope you're doing ok and i love ya. drive home safe from work.