Thursday, February 28, 2008

Girl or Boy?

What am I........

I got this idea from this website I love) They have this game going where you upload your babies picture and they guess if it's a girl or boy. It works better with strangers but I want to know what you guys think! I know some babies you can tell and some you cant. I think he looks like a boy but it's hard for the mom to guess.
All boy!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sitting and Working

So some good news, Keaton it sitting up now! He is kind of a bump on a log. He rarely rolls over and makes no attempt to try and move or do anything. He is just content being held or sitting and playing with his toys or just laying on his back. Oh well, He is quite chubby so I guess eventually he will want to move around. It doesnt matter to me though, because he is a cutie pie!

Also some other good news, I finally started working from home. It took about six weeks to get to this point which was longer then I was thinking. It is so wierd to only have to walk downstairs to get to work. I have a picture of my little setup at home. They give you a computer which is nice because our computer has a major virus and is not working anymore.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Shelby had an appointment today at Primary Children's Medical Center for a echo cardiogram and an appointment with her cardiologist. Needless to say that she is terrified of Dr's(with good reason.) She was very scared when they tried to have her lay down to do the echo. They put on a movie for her, had another nurse come in and play with her to try and make her feel calm but she knew something was going to happen so she just cried and said"Go home." In the end we had to hold her down so they could get the pictures they needed of her heart. They let her choose a bunch of toys after so she liked that part. When we met with the cardiologist he gave us the miraculous news that her heart is completely healed, he thought her pulmonary artery was growing fine with no restrictions and that they couldn't see the hole in her heart that she previously had. I have to say that I did not know that she even HAD a hole in her heart before.... Weird. But I feel so completely blessed to receive such wonderful news. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about how things have turned out so amazing with her. To think back to what happen three years ago and reading through Shelby's medical records it is truly a miracle that she survived at all.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Shelby's 3!!!

I cant believe it but my baby girl is three. I feel so blessed to have her in my life. She is my miracle and I love her so much. We had a lot of fun on her birthday. I took her to build-a-bear and she saw a piggy and of course had to make that one. She loved it. She sat at the grooming station and brushed and blew off the hair for a half hour. Then that night we had a fun party. I have never made dinner for a lot of people before so I decided to undertake that job. I made chicken pillows, they turned out pretty good. I made 60 of them and they all got eaten so I will take that as a good sign. We opened presents and of course had cake. Shelby's Grandma Steed made her a very cute pig cake that she thought was the greatest thing ever. I think there was about 23 people there so it was quite the P-A-R-T-Y!! Shelby got a lot of very nice presents. We got her a kitchen and she cooks along side with me now. Our camera died during the party so I only have a few pics of the party so I will put more on when I get them from other people. The day after the party, me and Shelby got sick and tested positive for influenza, then Tucker and Keaton got it as well. We had to cancel our trip to San Diego so I was bummed about that. We have been down and out for over a week and finally I started to feel better yesterday.
Cute Ada in the Bob the Builder Truck

Sunday, February 17, 2008

About My Man!

Here is a little survey I got from Alysia's blog. I thought it was a cute idea for Valentines.
1.Where did you and your hubby meet?
We met through mutual friends. One of my friends was dating one of his friends and they hooked us up.
2. First thing he said:
Not sure....
3. First Date:
Our first date was fun. He took me up to Park City and we went to a snowboarding competition they were having up there. He gave me this little bear.
4. First Kiss:
At his house. Nothing to exciting. It took him forever to get up the courage!
5. Long or short courtship/ engagement:
We had a long courtship. We dated for 3 1/2 years before we got married. I was really young though so it was a very good thing.
6. Where did you get engaged?
Tucker was so cute. I was visiting my sister Alysia in Spokane and he called me and told me he was going to pick me up from the airport. When I came down the escalator in SLC there was a man holding a sign with my name on it. I thought it was so funny cuz I always make fun of those people that have that very awkward arrangement. Anyway, I got my luggage and went outside and he had rented a limo and was wearing a tuxedo and had martinelli's and roses and proposed on the way home.
7. Where did you get married?
In the Wells Fargo Building in SLC on the 23rd floor.
8. How did the reception go?
It went good. I loved the building. It had great views, the best staircase, yummy food. It was a lot of fun.
9. Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We stayed one night in Las Vegas and went on to Anaheim. It was so much fun.
10. Do you have a song? Not really. We used to say a lot of songs were "our song."