Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sitting and Working

So some good news, Keaton it sitting up now! He is kind of a bump on a log. He rarely rolls over and makes no attempt to try and move or do anything. He is just content being held or sitting and playing with his toys or just laying on his back. Oh well, He is quite chubby so I guess eventually he will want to move around. It doesnt matter to me though, because he is a cutie pie!

Also some other good news, I finally started working from home. It took about six weeks to get to this point which was longer then I was thinking. It is so wierd to only have to walk downstairs to get to work. I have a picture of my little setup at home. They give you a computer which is nice because our computer has a major virus and is not working anymore.


tysqui said...

Could there ever be a baby that smiles more than Keaton? I love his big grin.

McKell said...

That is a pretty nice set up you've got there! That is the best of both worlds!