Thursday, March 13, 2008

Biker Girl

Shelby saw her bike in the garage yesterday and wanted to attempt riding it. She didnt quite get the whole concept of pedaling and steering but it sure was cute to watch! I seriously cant wait to get some more good weather becaue I love being outside. I took the kids to the park this week and Shelby had a blast. She loves watching other kids and trying to imitate them. She always makes me a little nervous though because she doesnt see holes or openings on the playgrounds. I can tell Keaton cant wait to be up there playing with her.


Mitzi said...

How sweet is she? I know what you mean about looking forward to more good weather. It's been so nice to get out of my house the last little while and go for walks! I hope you have lots of fun days on the bike and at the park!

McKell said...

That is so funny Kinsley is the same way she can either steer or pedal but she can't do both! Oh the joys of being outside again I hate winter and the feeling of being trapped inside all the time. I'm so excited for spring.