Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

I love his hat, I thought it made his outfit.

Shelby with her basket in our backyard

Daddy and the kids

We had a great Easter this year. Shelby had the greatest time on her Easter egg hunt. She, of course, was terrified of the Easter bunny. So once she got past the fact that he wasnt actually AT the house he just left stuff for her she had a good time. The weather was so beautiful on Easter Sunday, it was perfect for Keaton's little outfit. We had an Easter egg hunt at my parents house the weekend before and it was snowy and cold so it was quite the difference. I will have to post pics of that when I get those cuz they were funny. My parents are so generous and put money in the eggs for and adult Easter egg hunt. My brother Tyler and Alison managed to walk away with $104 bones. Crazy! Grandma Steed came over the night before Easter and colored eggs with Shelby. She had so much fun dropping them into the dye and putting stickers on them.

Gee Gee and Shelby


Becky said...

I love Keaton's outfit- what a prep! Your kids look darling!

Mitzi said...

So so cute! I LOVE kids easter clothes! I'm glad you had a fun day.

Jana said...

how can 2 kids be so adorable and perfect???? i love the new pcitures and shelby & keaton's easter outfits are SO CUTE.

Jana said...

what a lucky little girl to have such a sweet grandma:)