Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Bus (Cue Dramatic Music)

I did something crazy today. I let Shelby ride the bus home from preschool. The only reason that I decided that she could was because she kept begging me every time she saw the buses that she wanted to ride on it. They get out early on Wednesdays so school is out at the time I usually pick her up. I had talked to the bus driver 4 or 5 times. He drove by our house a few days earlier to make sure he knew where it was and she had a carseat on the bus. But honestly, I was an anxious, nervous wreck!! They were about 4 minutes late and I was about to call the Utah National Gaurd or the FBI! I ran outside as soon as I saw the bus pull in. (I guess I should mention that she actually really liked it and enjoyed the bus.) Hmmm.....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Last night Shelby, Keaton and I went to Teagans 4th birthday party. She is such a cutie. I cant believe shes four. The party was at Clearfield Aquatic Center. It was Keaton's first time swimming so I was excited to take him. I had my mom help me since I was nervous about having to watch Keaton and Shelby. Anyway Shelby hated it and Keaton was so-so on the whole thing. Last year Shelby LOVED the water and for some reason this year is a totally different situation. She cried the whole time she was in the water and was clinging on to either me and grandma for dear life. We will have to work on that. Probably me taking her down the waterslide didnt help the situation.... :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Good Week

This week has been a good one. We bought a membership to the Treehouse Museum and have been able to take the kids a few times lately. I forgot my camera so I was using my phone so its not the best quality, but I thought this picture of Shelby was adorable. Make way for a future Dr!!! It is a very cute childrens museum and they have lots of fun learning and playing exhibits.

I took Keaton to the Dr on Tuesday and much to my surprise (again) he is not as big as my mind thinks he is. He weighed 17# 11oz and is 27 1/2 inches long. That is only in the 10th percentile for both. I know my view is a little off because of Shelby but he just has a chubby look about him. The Dr said he is very healthy so all is well there. Keaton is such a good baby. He will play alone with his toys for long periods of time. It is very nice to be able to get stuff done around the house. However, now that I said that I know things will change. They always do when you say it aloud or write it down :) I think he is just starting to get seperation anxiety so we will see.

Other then that I have been busy driving Shelby back and forth from school. It's 50 miles a day and these gas prices are killing me!! She actually had a day this week when she didnt cry when I dropped her off. YAY!

Tuckers dream came true this week when we bought a new car. He has been wanting an Jeep Grand Cherokee for a long time now. Since he works at a car dealership he got a VERY good deal. They are supposed to charge him $500 above cost but he talked them down and they only made $23 dollars on the deal. We would never have been able to afford it if we had to pay what they were asking. I think it saved us around $6,000 bones.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Miss Independant

So lately my sweet little Shelby is really testing her limits. I feel like the terrible two's that never hit have become the terrible three's. Lately she has been enjoying getting in Keaton's face and screaming so he cries, has suddenly become jealous of Keaton and bit his leg the other week and left a huge bruise (poor little Keaterbug), Says "NO" to everything and just basically enjoys pushing my buttons. I really hate feeling like the mean mom all the time. I feel like some days we are in "time out" all the time. I just keep reminding myself that, that is the fighter in her that kept her alive. I love that little stinker:) Any tips or suggestions?

My Cute New Siggy

I use this for my sig on babycenter. I am slightly addicted to that website by the way. I thought it turned out really cute though.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Yesterday I drove down to Dugway to visit my beautiful friend Jana. Just in case your wondering where in the world that is, here is a bit of info... Dugway Proving Ground (DPG) is a US Army facility located approximately 85 miles southwest of Salt Lake City. It encompasses 801,505 acres. Pretty much you drive towards Wendover, then take the Dugway exit and drive 40 miles south to the middle of nowhere. Shelby loved playing with Dax and they were so cute chasing each other around the house and backyard. Shelby looks like a little string bean with her shorts on. They have a few parks right outside her house so we walked to them and just enjoyed being outside. It was so nice to visit with Jana. I don't get to see her nearly enough and I love
Shelby and Dax playing outside
Keaton content with sitting on the ground.

On a side note Shelby is getting more used to preschool. Her teachers say she only cries for a few minutes now when I drop her off. It is still hard for ME to leave but I think she likes it. She has the routine down and keeps up with the other kids. Today I went with them on a little field trip to the school kitchen. We got to take a tour and go through the freezer, fridge see all the behind the scene stuff. They made bread and cookies and let them decorate them at the end. They always do the cutest things with them. Shelby has already learned a lot from there. Hopefully it will get the point where she wont cry anymore!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Today has been absolutely gorgeous weather. It seems like it has been a long time coming. So we took advantage of it and had a picnic in our backyard. It was fun just to hang out outside and to relax! Shelby cant really open her eyes very good outside so her eyes are closed of course.
I am really excited to have a yard this year and plant a little garden and some flowers. Of course we also have to buy a lawn mower and weed eater(Is that what they are called?) so I don't love that. Happy Spring!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Big Boy

In a few days Keaton will be 9 months. My baby boy is already becoming a big boy. He has grown out of his baby carseat in length so we got him a new one today. I like the baby carseats because they are just so easy to transfer when they are sleeping and when I am shopping. But he was getting heavy anyways so its time. Here are a few pics of him growing up...

Trying out his first pancake

My new carseat

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The man arm

I just noticed that I have a total man arm in my profile picture. Has anyone seen the King of Queens episode where Deacon and Kelly have a ugly portrait made of Carrie and Doug and they paint Carrie with a man arm. Well pretty much that is me. I will use the excuse of I was pregnant in the heat of the summer so I must of been swollen....:) yeah sure! Well enjoy the man arm for a few days because It is going to be replaced shortly.

Friday, April 4, 2008

A Tag

All right here it goes....

My favorite Colors: I really love pink and brown.

My favorite Animal: I'm not sure if I really have a favorite animal. Let me thing...Nope I dont.

Bad Habit: Oh so many. I am kinda messy, Tucker would probably agree to that.

Favorite Food: I love Italian food. Fetticine alfredo is my very favorite.

Favorite Hobby: Tennis. I just wish I could get out more. This summer I plan to play much more. So bring it anyone who wants to go.

Favorite song: I dont have a favorite. I just like a variety of music. I love Christmas music during the holidays.

Favorite Author: I love J.K. Rowling, John Grisham, Stephanie Myers, Khaled Hosseini, I could probably go on and on. I love to read although I dont have much time to do it.

Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream. I love Coldstone. I get the sweet cream with rainbow sprinkles. Yummy!

A picture of me:
Nothin to special here. This was on the plane on the way to San Diego

I tag anyone who wants to ;) This means you....

Thursday, April 3, 2008

First Day of School

I cant believe it my my baby girl had her first day of school. I finally decided that I had stalled enough and was ready to let her have a chance at preschool. I took her on Tuesday for the first time. It actually went really good. When I told her we were going to school she was really excited. She had her backpack on and her friends in her hand and life was good! She was nervous and clingy at first but enjoyed playing with the other kids and doing all sorts of fun stuff. The kids were so excited to see her because I guess they had been waiting so long for her to come. There is the cutest boy in the class that loves Shelby already. He cant see very well so he kept walking up to her and saying "Is this Shelby?" It was really cute. I stayed with her all of her first day and all of her second day but today I left her to see how she would do. She cried of course but her teachers said that she would get over it. I was probably just as sad though. I actually would love to see her not so much of a mommy's girl and to not be so scared to have me leave so we'll see. Her teachers are wonderful! They have 3 teachers and 6 kids so good ratio there. Anyway, all in all it went really good.