Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Yesterday I drove down to Dugway to visit my beautiful friend Jana. Just in case your wondering where in the world that is, here is a bit of info... Dugway Proving Ground (DPG) is a US Army facility located approximately 85 miles southwest of Salt Lake City. It encompasses 801,505 acres. Pretty much you drive towards Wendover, then take the Dugway exit and drive 40 miles south to the middle of nowhere. Shelby loved playing with Dax and they were so cute chasing each other around the house and backyard. Shelby looks like a little string bean with her shorts on. They have a few parks right outside her house so we walked to them and just enjoyed being outside. It was so nice to visit with Jana. I don't get to see her nearly enough and I love
Shelby and Dax playing outside
Keaton content with sitting on the ground.

On a side note Shelby is getting more used to preschool. Her teachers say she only cries for a few minutes now when I drop her off. It is still hard for ME to leave but I think she likes it. She has the routine down and keeps up with the other kids. Today I went with them on a little field trip to the school kitchen. We got to take a tour and go through the freezer, fridge see all the behind the scene stuff. They made bread and cookies and let them decorate them at the end. They always do the cutest things with them. Shelby has already learned a lot from there. Hopefully it will get the point where she wont cry anymore!


The Lilly's said...

How fun for you and Jana to hang out. I miss seeing you guys at work.

Alysia said...

That sounds like a long drive, but fun to see Jana. I am glad it is warming up so you can go outside and play now.