Friday, April 4, 2008

A Tag

All right here it goes....

My favorite Colors: I really love pink and brown.

My favorite Animal: I'm not sure if I really have a favorite animal. Let me thing...Nope I dont.

Bad Habit: Oh so many. I am kinda messy, Tucker would probably agree to that.

Favorite Food: I love Italian food. Fetticine alfredo is my very favorite.

Favorite Hobby: Tennis. I just wish I could get out more. This summer I plan to play much more. So bring it anyone who wants to go.

Favorite song: I dont have a favorite. I just like a variety of music. I love Christmas music during the holidays.

Favorite Author: I love J.K. Rowling, John Grisham, Stephanie Myers, Khaled Hosseini, I could probably go on and on. I love to read although I dont have much time to do it.

Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream. I love Coldstone. I get the sweet cream with rainbow sprinkles. Yummy!

A picture of me:
Nothin to special here. This was on the plane on the way to San Diego

I tag anyone who wants to ;) This means you....


Becky said...

We should play some tennis this summer. It is one of my favorite things to do, and I don't do it enough.

McKell said...

I would love to play tennis... You and Becky can teach me! Ha Ha if you have that much patience!!! I love your new background by the way!