Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Once again we have been greatly blessed. Yesterday we had an appointment down at the Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic (The state follows premature babies from birth to age 5) At this appointment Shelby is seen by a Pediatrician, Neurologist, Nutritionist, Speech Therapist, Audiologist, Physical Therapist, psychiatrist and her Eye Dr. She has made some major progress in closing the gap from her developmental delays. They were very impressed with how she is catching up. The best news of all came when Dr. Hoffman(her eye Dr) told us that she would not be needing new glasses. Every six months since she began wearing glasses(at 10 months) she has had a major decline in eyesight, resulting in new glasses. This is a HUGE miracle to us. Her eyesight is what causes me and Tucker the most worry and anxiety then anything.

And now for a bit of fun. This website has the 1000 most popular names for the last 200 years. It breaks it down into birth year. Where does your families names fall into place?

Rachelle was #265 in 1983
Tucker was #788 in 1981
Keaton was #357 for 2007
Shelby was #117 for 2005

I guess Shelby is our most popular name. We like names that are original but not to crazy!


The Lilly's said...

That is so wonderful, I'm so happy for you guys! She is definately a little miracle.

Mitzi said...

I am so glad that her eyes are doing well! What a sweetie.

Alysia said...

That is so so great about Shelby. The most popular that my name ever was, was in 1989 when it was ranked 571.

T.Irwin said...

You guys really are part of a living, breathing, walking, true miracle. The kind of faith building miracle. I'm so glad that your cute family is healthy and truly so sweet!

eMiLy sLaUgH said...

I'm glad things are great with Shelby! My mom said your kids are sooooo cute when she was up there! One of these days we'll get up there so our kids can play!

I think my name is still #1... but I don't know many Emily's now!