Friday, May 30, 2008

Preschool Program

Yesterday was Shelby's last day of preschool before summer. Her teacher's put together the cutest little program. I was about dying because I was so proud of Shelby. She was pretty much in her own little world as you can see from this short video clip but it was still cute. They had her stand in front of the class and show off all that she has learned so far. They also did some singing and dancing. I have been SO impressed with her teachers. They are AMAZING!!

I also had my sisters four kids for two nights while they are gone on vacation. It was quite the exerience running around with SIX kids... It actually went pretty good. She will be in the same position next week when she has my kids for two days. Cheryce, you are wonder woman!!



alisquire said...

Yay for Shelby! You're a crazy, amazing woman to haul six kids all around town! Hope you're having fun in Hawaii!

Alysia said...

That is so cute. I sounds like her preschool is amazing. Have a fun trip. You deserve it!

The Lilly's said...

So adorable! What's this that everyone is saying about Hawaii? You lucky chick!

The Waldron Family said...

Very cute. I love preschool programs. Kids just do their own things. Hurray for Shelby~!