Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Showin' Keaterbug some love!

This boy loves him some cake.

How much to ship this cutie?

My burrito baby

I havent posted any pics of my Keaton lately so here are a few random ones. He is 15 months and NOT walking! I swear that little bump-on-a-log feels no urgency to do that. He will take a few steps but I am just waiting for him to take off running. He is such a great little boy. He is a momma's boy and I'm not complaining!


Dave and Andrea Weisenbeck said...

He is getting so big. What a cutie!!

Mitzi said...

Holy cow, he's gorgeous. Seriously gorgeous. What a handsome boy. I love the cake picture!

Corn Husker said...

He is so cute. I bet you're right...when he decides to get around, he'll really get around!