Saturday, November 8, 2008


I was tagged a while ago by my cousin Mitzi. Here it goes:
1. I am terrified of flying. I know, I know, I work for an airline but I cant sleep, get anxious, the whole works before I go anywhere. In the end it's always worth it but it doesn't help my situation.
2. I LOVE hot showers. I mean the type that scald your body. I actually look forward every day to my shower because I love it so much.
3. I am obsessed with earwax. My poor kids, if I see any sort of ear wax in there ear then I have to get it. It probably isn't the best thing, but at least they have clean ears.
4.I am giddy about the new Cinnabon in the Newgate Mall. I have drove down to the airport just to get a cinnabon if that tells you anything. I was so excited when I saw that that they were opening one.
5.I cant stand staying at home for a full day. I go crazy if I cant go somewhere. Even if it is just to the store or driving around for a few minutes. I think it is literally impossible for me to stay home.
6.I have pierced the top of my right ear 5 times. Every once in a while I pierce it and then let it close up. Strange? Yes.
7.I have a hard time watching close sports games for "my teams." I get so anxious that I get sick. I need to calm down.
I tag anyone that wants to do this, its fun!


alisquire said...

I'm with ya on the hot showers!

Mitzi said...

I hate to fly too! Oh, it's just awful. Bruce laughs at me all the time because I get so panicky.

I also have the obsession to groom Carter...ears, nose, the works!