Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Santa didn't deliver this until 3:30...It was a late night!

So fun!

Daddy and Shelby

Keaton opening his present.
Having fun with the trains.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great Christmas Eve with our families and Shelby was so excited when we put her to bed. They slept in until 9:00 and she was so excited to see what Santa gave to her. He brought her and Keaton a very fun train table. They are in love with it. She started jumping up and down when she saw it. We enjoyed the morning and then spent the rest of our day with our families. It was so good to be able to spend the day with our families. I am so thankful to live so close to them. That was one crazy storm that came in Christmas night. It was so scary driving home. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Why do kids like to bonk their heads on things and think it's funny? Will someone please tell me that? Shelby and Keaton think it's hilarious to hit their heads on doors, walls etc. A few night's ago the kids were playing and Keaton bonked his head so hard on the corner of a door. I go downstairs and there was blood everywhere. Its was covering his entire face. I was freaking out!! Luckily I got it cleaned up and about 10 minutes later he was good as new. He is such a happy boy.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let the good times roll

It's been a fun week. We have had a lot of good stuff going on. Last Sunday we did our annual gingerbread houses. There were a lot of cute ones! Things always get silly whenever I'm around the fam. I got Alysia good...and she knows what I mean.

On Thursday, Shelby's school had this adorable program. I was so proud of her. She got up with her class and they sang 3 songs. She looked like a beautiful angel up on stage. I am so sad because we need a new camera and I didn't get one good picture of her up on stage.

Friday night was a family party. Everyone makes different homemade soup and it was delish. I look forward to my aunt's soup every year. It was so nice to see everyone that we don't get to visit with very often.
Saturday morning was the next family party. That was some good eatin' too. We had a pinata and bingo and you cant you wrong with that. Santa stopped by and Shelby was quite happy about that.

On a side note it has been BAD news at work this week. They have had to cancel flight after flight the last 5 days. I feel so bad for people trying to get home for Christmas. Our Operations Manager sent out an email and said this is the worst it has affected the airlines in years.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

You better watch out...You better not cry...

This year is so much fun with the kids! I love everything about Christmas! Jana and I took Dax and Keaton to the mall to go see Santa. Keaton wasn't too sure about sitting on his lap, but he was sure he wanted a candy cane. I think this Santa is so cute. This year is totally different with Shelby. Last year she was terrified of Santa and this year she loves him. She wants me to sing the song "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" over and over.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Peeps....I love my job....I won a cruise and decided to take Tucker over his birthday. It was so fun. I got a little nervous before we left because the day we were leaving all of the flights sold out so we had to fly into a different airport then planned but we made it on. The cruise ship left out of Miami and went to Key West and Cozumel, Mexico. The weather wasn't all that great when we left. We were still wearing our sweaters! That night we had a yummy dinner and watched a fun show.

Miami--Happy Birthday Baby!

The grand atrium inside the boat

The next day we got into Key West in the morning and it was cloudy there too. The water was so pretty and FYI, it is the southern-most point in the US. We took a bus into the city and did some window shopping and tried the famous key lime pie. It was fun to walk around and people watch there too. Right before we left it got really windy and cold. Blah... That night it was SO rough. The boat was rocking back and forth and a lot of people got sea sick. I thought it was quite fun actually.

Key West

Just taking a quick bike ride with my buddy
The next day we arrived in Cozumel around noon. It was different then I thought it would be but still very fun. We did some more walking and shopping. We took a horse drawn carriage around the city and then did a glass bottom boat tour. The water was gorgeous and it was so cool to see the fish. That night we went to Senor Frogs and it was crazy. It was like major spring break stuff. Me and Tucker felt very out of place so we did not stay long.
The last day was an "at sea" day so we just spent it eating and laying out. The Ocean is my BFF, so I loved it!
There were dolphins swimming along us as we left!

The slide on our boat

We had a layover in New York so we went into the city and walked around Times Square for awhile. I have always wanted to see the tree at Rockefeller plaza at Christmas. It was huge and beautiful!

The Tree

Tucker's first time in New York.
BTW, Jetblue is hiring part time right now. If you apply, put my name down and I will write you a referral.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My family ate early so we went over to my parents house and the food was fabulous. We watched football and played the Wii...which reminds me, Tyler I demand a rematch. Later that night we went to Tucker's aunts house and had another amazing dinner. They go all out and it was so good. I really like how it works out for us that we get to double it up on Thanksgiving. :) Anyway, I feel like I have so much to be thankful for. Tucker is such a wonderful husband, Keaton and Shelby are my everything. I am so incredibly thankful everyday how things are still progressing with Shelby. I also have the most amazing family on both sides. They help us everyday and I would be lost without them. I am thankful for Jana and Dianna and I love them. I have much more that I am thankful for but that is all for now. I tell ya what though...I stayed away from Black Friday, I cannot stand how some people get SO crazy.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Catching some fish!


Yesterday we went to a carnival at Shelby's school. I took Shelby and Keaton and it was really fun! Shelby's favorite was the duck pond and you cant beat 10 tickets for $1. I got Shelby and Keaton some cotton candy and Keaton went CRAZY!! He got so messy, but what is a carnival without cotton candy??

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Its Autumn Time

The weather these last few days has been so wonderful!! I love being able to be outside in November!

Tiggity Tagged...Again. :)

My cutie pie Keaton, on Christmas last year.
This is a fun easy tag. My friend Andrea tagged me.

1) go to your pictures
2) go to your 4th folder
3) post your 4th picture in that folder
4) tell about it and tag 4 people
Do it people!

Monday, November 17, 2008


I couldn't resist these adorable photos. Me and Tuck were driving home the other day and for heavens sake these kids are the best!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I was tagged a while ago by my cousin Mitzi. Here it goes:
1. I am terrified of flying. I know, I know, I work for an airline but I cant sleep, get anxious, the whole works before I go anywhere. In the end it's always worth it but it doesn't help my situation.
2. I LOVE hot showers. I mean the type that scald your body. I actually look forward every day to my shower because I love it so much.
3. I am obsessed with earwax. My poor kids, if I see any sort of ear wax in there ear then I have to get it. It probably isn't the best thing, but at least they have clean ears.
4.I am giddy about the new Cinnabon in the Newgate Mall. I have drove down to the airport just to get a cinnabon if that tells you anything. I was so excited when I saw that that they were opening one.
5.I cant stand staying at home for a full day. I go crazy if I cant go somewhere. Even if it is just to the store or driving around for a few minutes. I think it is literally impossible for me to stay home.
6.I have pierced the top of my right ear 5 times. Every once in a while I pierce it and then let it close up. Strange? Yes.
7.I have a hard time watching close sports games for "my teams." I get so anxious that I get sick. I need to calm down.
I tag anyone that wants to do this, its fun!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Aint Nothin' To It A Baby Could Do It!

So 10 days shy of being 16 months Keaton decides this is his preferred method of getting around. Seriously, all the sudden he is up and walking everywhere. He would take a few steps the last few days but you had to always bribe him with something. The funny thing is he is acting like he's been doing it for years, He is walking over books, clothes and is loving it! They always do things in there own time, don't they?

Friday, October 31, 2008

A Busy Day

Keaton and Daddy

Shelby rockin' the pinata

Dax, Shelby and Keaton before Trick-or-Treating

Shelby's first house

Keaton loves this horse.

How cute is this? Shelby gave him a kiss and Keaton gave her a big wet one right back!

What a day! It has been a great Halloween. We started the evening by going to Tucker's grandpa's. He lives in a retirement village and they had a party with pinata and all. Shelby went up with the stick in hand and hit the pinata with her hand. It was pretty funny. Then our friends Jana, Tyler and their son Dax came over and we took the kids out Trick-or-Treating. It was SO cute. It was Shelby's first time and she loved it. Slightly awkward though...She was a lingerer. She would get right next to the door so the second they opened the door, she was there. Then she wouldn't leave. It was so cute and so fun to watch Shelby and Dax go together. Then we went over to Tucker's parents for the world famous homemade chili by Debby. It is always so good and she makes it every year. The kids loved there costumes this year and didn't want to take them off. It was a great Halloween.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some Halloween Fun!

My huge, crazy family

I will cut you

Dwight and Angela were there

And the punk rockers

Wendy and Peter

Arrrrr matey

I love my family Halloween party! It is fabulous. Every year my whole family dresses up and we have a great party. It is so fun to see everyone in their costumes! Usually I dress up as the same thing every year but this year we mixed it up and are a pirate family. The kids costumes are so cute! I love it. Good food and good company, my favorite kind of parties!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Best Friends

Sitting at the table

Keaton falls down, Shelby checks out the situation.

Back to playing.

Last weekend the kids played together so good. I swear it's the first time that they have played together by themselves nicely for more then a few minutes. Shelby is finally getting over her mean streak. (Except for last night when she gave Keaton a beat down, but we will blame that on no nap.) She will usually try to take care of him when he gets hurt and he is old enough to at least do some parallel play. They have a new favorite thing. They love to play in Shelby's room with her animals. They get up to the table and sit and play. On Saturday they played together for an hour...An HOUR people!! That is parenting bliss!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Showin' Keaterbug some love!

This boy loves him some cake.

How much to ship this cutie?

My burrito baby

I havent posted any pics of my Keaton lately so here are a few random ones. He is 15 months and NOT walking! I swear that little bump-on-a-log feels no urgency to do that. He will take a few steps but I am just waiting for him to take off running. He is such a great little boy. He is a momma's boy and I'm not complaining!