Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hello Kitty Birthday

Shelby by her very cute cake.

Mom, Debby, Ngoc Lan, Dianne

Princess Ada

Cheryce and my dad.

Shelby is so easy to please. After every gift she could clap and get so excited.

Awwww, how cute!

Jeff, Morgan, baby Kate, Al and Tyler.
Tyler and Jana

Shelby blowing out her candles.

That is the party that Shelby wanted. She was so excited about her party. She was talking about it for months. We had the whole family over and Jana, Tyler and their cute son Dax. Shelby had a blast playing with all the kids there. It gets crazy when we are all together but that's what makes it so much fun. My MIL Debby made the cutest Hello Kitty cake. She is so talented! It was a great party and we were thankful for everyone who came!


T.Irwin said...

Such adorable pictures!

I love that she would clap after each picture! Too cute!

Mitzi said...

That looks like a great party! The cake is adorable too!

The Lilly's said...

Wow, that cake is awesome! I think this is such a fun age. Happy Birthday to Shelby!

Corn Husker said...

Happy Birthday, Shelby. When I saw the pictures, I realized I went to high school with Jana. Small world!

WADDOUPS said...

what a purrrfect bday party:)

The Meyer Family said...

What a cute birthday party! She looks like the most beautiful Angel!


Cute cake!! How have you been Rachelle!!!! It seems like yesterday that I saw you visiting your girl in the NICU!!! She is 4!!!! Holy COW! YOu have cute kids!

Brittany said...

What a fun day! Kiaya loves Hello Kitty too. It seems like it's all over our house. Happy B-day Shelby!