Sunday, April 5, 2009


Isn't that water amazing??

Me and my parents had been planning to go on a trip to Hawaii on another airline. The day before we were supposed to go I found out the flights were all over booked. So what could we do? Go to Aruba! We flew on Jetblue so I was able to see how the flights were looking which was nice. Aruba is so gorgeous. I recommend it to anyone! We took the red-eye out on Wednesday night and got there on Thursday afternoon then checked into our beautiful hotel. We went right out by the pool to lay out and look at the amazing water. We walked into town a little bit and ate dinner at a yummy place called Iguana Cantina. My dad ate a huge burrito about the size of a small child. We walked back on the beach and watched the sunset over the ocean. So beautiful! The next day we did some major relaxing and then took the bus into town and did some shopping at the flea market. That night we went to dinner at Smoky Joes, a Caribbean food place. We walked home on the beach again and stopped to listen to some live music. It was perfect! On Saturday we relaxed by the ocean and pool again and had to leave to the airport by 10:30am. It was so very nerve-racking getting home but we made it. I even had an incident with customs for trying to bring in "contraband" into the US. It was quite funny. It was a fabulous mini-vacation and wanted to say thanks to my parents for all the fun! AND, thanks to Tucker and his mom for taking such wonderful care of the kids and supporting my travel addiction. :)

The sunset was so beautiful

There were quite a few iguana's and lizards running around.

I was lovin' the panoramic's while I was down there.

Mi mama and papa

2 babes swimming
The view from our balcony

At the other Marriott across the street.


WADDOUPS said...

It looks amazing Rachelle! How lucky you are! I'm glad you got to go cuz you completely deserved it :)

McKell said...

Must say I'm a bit jealous. Looks like you had a fabulous time! Couldn't help but notice the iguana is reading Fablehaven? Can't wait to see where you go next!

tysqui said...

You're living the dream. Awesome!


Looks like fun! And the water does look amazing!!

Mitzi said...

I can't even believe how beautiful that water looks! What a fun thing to get to do with your mom & dad!

Gabaldon said...

You are so dang lucky! Looks so warm & amazing over there, what a nice husband watching the kids while you go on a mini vacation.

Love the ocean pictures!

The Lilly's said...

How lucky you are, that water is unbelievable. Aruba looks amazing.

Corn Husker said...

That looks great. I'm so glad you were able to take such a fun trip! Could you talk JetBlue into getting a cheap flight from SLC to Lincoln, NE? Thanks, that would be great!

Dave and Andrea Weisenbeck said...

That looks like so much fun and soooooooo relaxing. That water looks amazing!!!

T.Irwin said...

I love your pictures...and that sunset is fabulous!!!!

How exciting to just hop on a plane be somewhere exotic...must be rough *wink*

eMiLy sLaUgH said...

What an awesome trip! You are always off to somewhere! Love it!!