Monday, April 20, 2009

A Wicked Girls Night Out!

A VERY good show!

All the girls!

Cheryce and Morgan enjoying some R and R

Cute Alysia had a not so friendly pedicurist!

Mom got a manicure

Mom and Lysh at Wicked

Alison and Morgan.....O REALLY????

Just giving my sis a squeeze

My mom put together the most fun girls night out ever! I had been looking forward to it for months! First we all met up and got awesome pedicures. They had a ton of chairs so we were all able to get them done at the same time. We got a fully body glare from a girl there who did not appreciate our conversation about LOVING the smell of rubber cement, gasoline, glue etc. I ask you, doesn't everyone love those things?? It was so funny! Next we went to Paradise Cafe for dinner. It was great food. Then we went to the musical Wicked!!! I was really excited about this and I was the only one that hadn't seen it yet. I am officially in love with it! The music was so good, the singing was amazing and they did a great job acting. I am already scheming on where I can see it again. It was a great night with my mom, sisters and sis in laws! We always have lots of good laughs. Thanks mom for the fabulous night!


Corn Husker said...

That looks like so much fun! I've never seen Wicked. I'll have to keep my eyes open in case it comes to Nebraska!

Gabaldon said...

Fun! Geez, your mom is so nice!

The Meyer Family said...

That's awesome! I've never even heard of this musical! I need to get with the program.

Alysia said...

Sorry, I didn't realize I used the same title for my blog as you did. I may have to copy the belly love picture for myself, or maybe not... It was a great night right?!

Mitzi said...

That looks and sounds like so much fun! I still want to see it too.

eMiLy sLaUgH said...

You guys have the best GNO!! I love hearing all about them!

WADDOUPS said...

WOW! you're mom is awesome!