Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Family Update

Nothing too exciting going on here lately. I have decided that I need to find some summer plans. Usually I have a lot to look forward to in the summer, but not so much lately. Anyway, we will probably be moving into my parents in the next few weeks so we will see how that works out. Here's whats been going on the last few weeks:

Keaton and Shelby love to "get ready" They will stand up on their chairs and pretend like they are doing their hair. It is so cute!!

Keaton with his bear

We have been trying to teach Shelby how to ride her bike. She does not get the concept yet. I don't think she has the strength in her legs to push the pedals down. But she looks cute trying!

We went to a wedding last weekend with Tucker's family. It was one of Tucker's best friend that he grew up with. It was such a beautiful wedding and we had a ton of fun! Sorry about the dark pictures, my phone does not do well in the dark.

Me and Debby

I like this picture of Tucker and his brother Spencer.


Becky said...

I need some fun summer plans too. I have been wanting to get out, but I don't dare yet with how young Eli is. Here's to a summer of fun!!

Whitney said...

We just moved in to my parents house last week. YAY for us who live with our parents! :)

WADDOUPS said...

My ONLY summer plan right now is getting into a house, THEN I will focus on the other stuff! Teehee! But a little mcdonalds and time at the park is ALWAYS fun I think!

becky rigby said...

Rachelle your hair looked so cute in the wedding picture!

Mitzi said...

Those kiddos are SO cute! I hope you find some fun things to do this would help if all this rain would stop, huh?