Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our new San Diego Adventure

Grandpa and Shelby

Check out that bike!

Grandpa rode with Shelby

Mission Beach

Seaport Village
Samantha, digging a hole at the beach.
Shelby, building a castle.
Shelby loves airplanes!

My dad had a business trip planned to San Diego so I thought me and Shelby would come along and visit with our beautiful family down there. Shelby and I were on the same flight as my dad going down so that was nice. We got into San Diego and went to Seaport village to eat at the best pizza place ever. Then we checked into my dad's hotel and later rented bikes and rode along Mission Beach. It was so much fun! I have not rode on a bike in forever so I almost fell off and crashed into people. My dad had a little incident where he ran into the wall at the end of our ride. It was pretty funny. That evening he dropped me and Shelby off at Tuckers cousins house. After I put Shelby to bed that night, me and Michele snuck off to go see the Proposal. It was great to be able to go see a movie! The next day we went to lunch and spent the afternoon walking around Seaport village. It was a gorgeous day!! That night we went down to Old Town for some yummy Mexican food. The next morning we went to La Jolla beach. Shelby is terrified of the ocean. She FREAKS out. I finally got her semi-ok with just playing in the sand. Shelby and Samantha are so fun to watch together. Shelby adores her and I love to get together as often as we can with them! They are so nice to always let us stay with them.


WADDOUPS said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time as usual!!!:) I love the close up of Shelby's cute face.

alisquire said...

Man, you're always livin' it up! I love the picture of you on the bike. Glad you had fun!

The Meyer Family said...

Sounds great! I need a vacation!

Morgan said...

Jealous of your traveling as always :) San Diego is the BEST!!!! Glad you did not get in an accident on your bike :)

Mitzi said...

I LOVE San Diego! It's so fun that you got to go down with your dad!