Friday, July 24, 2009

The Aquarium

I love this picture!
Shelby driving the boat!

Cutie-pie Samantha

We went to the aquarium yesterday. My MIL Debby took all of us and treated us to lunch at my very favorite new place...Zuppas. I have never been to the aquarium in Sandy before but it had lots of neat fishies there. Shelby and Keaton loved finding Nemo! Tucker's cousin's are in town so it was been a great week full of family, pedicures, lunch etc. I love it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Keaton's 2!!

Where did those 2 years go? My baby boy is 2!! Everything about having Keaton in our lives has been a joy. He is truly so sweet and loving. He still loves to snuggle with me and has the cutest smile and laugh. I love him!! We had a really fun birthday party for him in my parents backyard so excuse the picture overload. We rented a bouncehouse all day and the kids thought it was great jumping around in it. By the end of the day we took it to a whole nutha level and all the big kids started our own jumping contest.

Good morning birthday boy!

The bounce house.

The fabulous Mickey Mouse cake that Debby made. Isnt she talented?!!
Anything you want to share with us Alison?

Such a lovely smile Cheryce!!

Alysia and Kevin.

Tyler, Jana and Tucker

Keaton did not appreciate our singing to him.

So much cake...what's a boy to do?

How sweet is Kate?!

The water table was a hit Debby!

Debby and Grandpa Joe

Mom and Dad

Shelby loves to ride the Jeep!

Tyler's best jump!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Too cool for school

Grandpa and Keaton

Ferris Wheel

We got to go to Lagoon last week, courtesy of Debby. Debby is so nice and took us for her work Lagoon day. The kids of course had a blast riding all the kiddie rides and I got to sneak off and ride a few adult rides too. Possibly the greatest part of the day was the free cotton candy from her work all day. Yum!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Willard Bay

Shelby, daddy and Keaton

Tucker's mad skillz

Shelby and Ada were so cute together!

He loved the boat...the life jacket was a different story!

Cute Shelby, Ada and Keaton

We were finally able to make it on our first boating trip of the season. I have missed it! We went to Willard Bay on Monday evening and enjoyed the beach and the boat. The kids both loved playing in the water and the sand. They were very nervous about the boat at first but a few minutes in they were loving it. Tucker made wake boarding look easy even after not doing it for a few years. There was a funny little incident that happened while we were there. Tyler wanted to go out wake boarding/knee boarding but it was only me, Tucker and the kids in the boat. Tyler explained how to drive and put Tucker in the drivers seat. He did good getting Tyler up but then it's hard to keep the speed steady so I was yelling "Speed up, slow down, not so fast, don't turn around" Finally Tucker says "Then you try it!" I then realized that I had been videotaping the whole thing with my camera. It is a hilarious video, but a little embarrassing so that shall remain in my video vault.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some other stuff

Keaton sitting on his bench.

Dax and Shelby

The Splash Park!

Keaton filling his bucket

I love his sweet smile!!

We have been trying to keep busy this summer since it goes so fast. Me and Jana took the kids to the castle park, but it was WAY too hot so we had to re-locate to Artic Circle. Keaton just wanted to sit on the bench and watch. At least Dax and Shelby had some fun on the tire swing. We also went to this cute splash park in South Ogden it was crowded but the kids still had a great time running through the water.

4th of July

We had such a great holiday. The kids had so much fun this year. We switched it up and went to the Clearfield parade. We had awesome seats and got a LOT of candy. Shelby loved to wave at all the floats and kids. Keaton just ate candy the whole time. After that we had a yummy breakfast with the Steeds. That afternoon we went down to Tucker's aunt's house for swimming and food. They have this big blow-up slide that the kids loved. Even Keaton was climbing up on his own to go down. We ended the night with a great fireworks show. I love fireworks!

Keaton ready for the candy to start coming.
Shelby and daddy

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