Friday, July 24, 2009

The Aquarium

I love this picture!
Shelby driving the boat!

Cutie-pie Samantha

We went to the aquarium yesterday. My MIL Debby took all of us and treated us to lunch at my very favorite new place...Zuppas. I have never been to the aquarium in Sandy before but it had lots of neat fishies there. Shelby and Keaton loved finding Nemo! Tucker's cousin's are in town so it was been a great week full of family, pedicures, lunch etc. I love it!


T.Irwin said...

I love your pictures! Great shots!!!

Alysia said...

Looks Like fun! I need to go there someday.

Mitzi said...

I love that picture of Keaton too! That looks like fun!

The Lilly's said...

You need to blow up and frame that picture of Keaton, that's an amazing photo!