Friday, August 7, 2009

A Fancy Nancy Party!

My mom had the cutest idea to have a Fancy Nancy Party. Everyone had to come dressed all fancy and my mom had the yummiest food and great decorations. Thanks Mom!!

The Fancy Nancy herself

Aren't we fancy?

Shelby and Keaton

Shelby loved the party!

Alison, Morgan and Cleveland......

How cute is that???

Shelby and mommy

The whole crew of fancy ladies!

This is how Keaton felt about being fancy

Morgan, Alysia and Cheryce


Jana said...

ok, your mom is super cute and fun! i think that is soo great that she would throw a party like that! you have one amazing family rachelle! :)

Jana said...

and i forgot to mention how beautiful you look in that sparkly dress ;)

Alysia said...

If I do say so myself... we looked simply amazing! :)

T.Irwin said...


Great pictures!!