Friday, August 7, 2009

Silly Sleepers

Shelby and Keaton have some strange sleeping habits...

Shelby wanted to sleep on the beanbag with her buddies next to her and her swim hippo on the other side of her.

Keaton wanted to sleep with this ping pong racket(Which he thinks is a tennis racket) and in his other hand is the ping pong ball.


alisquire said...

Funny! They're so cute. Keaton wants to be like his mommy.

Corn Husker said...

That is hilarious, and very creative.

Jana said...

remember last time i came over to hang out and Keaton kept wanting me to throw that ping pong ball and he'd bat it back at me?
that is just too funny. cute little keaton.
and shelby with her fluffles and animals. i love it!!