Friday, August 21, 2009

A Wedding Party

Tucker's family had a wonderful wedding party for Josh and Ngoc Lan a few weekends ago. It turned out so beautiful and it was a lot of fun.

Our new family picture.

Handsome Keaton

Mi familia came

Me and Ngoc Lan

All the helper girls

Woody and Shelby

These next few pics are cute ones when Samantha was in town.

Tea Party time!

I love it!


Lissa said...

That's a cute new family photo. You look good in red!

Jana said...

Rachelle.. you look GORGEOUS!! WOOOOOOOOOAH!

Jana said...

oh and that picture of Shelby & Samantha snuggling is so sweet.

T.Irwin said...

What a great family photo! You guys all look really good.