Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Party

That's us!

Minnie, a flapper, a gangsta and Mickey!

Cute little Minnie and Mickey


Alison goes for the gold!....Miller gold that is.

The 2 reining grandsons

2 Minnie's and a fairy

Its time again! For the annual Squire Family Halloween party. I love to see everyone's costumes. We missed Jordan and Morgan this year.....BUT I gained a sweet little niece instead!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Monday Night Football!

This guy just took a pit stop at the game

My mom and dad

Hubba, Hubba!

The only reason I show this beauty, is because my family was nice enough to put a huge sticker on my back and let me walk around with it forever.

Getting Frisky!

Go Bronco's! (They were all going for the Chargers.)

It's not a game until I get cotton candy!

My parents gave Tucker his birthday present early this year....Tickets to a Monday night football game! He has always wanted to go to one so he was in heaven. We flew to San Diego with my parents on Monday and we both had our first experience with In-and-Out. Animal all I can say! We then dropped the kids off at Tucker's cousins. They were nice enough to watch them while we were at the game. Shelby and Keaton adore their daughter Samantha, so they had a blast. We got to the game early and there was SO many tailgaters. Who knew so many people did that? It was going to be a great game. The 5-0 Denver Bronco's at the San Diego Chargers. The Bronco's are my favorite team so I had to go for them. They ended up winning. :) We had so much fun with my mom and dad at the game. We loved it! We stayed a few days extra so we could visit with the Clarkes. I am going to miss the end of Jetblue's San Diego flight!

Biggest Loser Update #2

So the Squire family biggest loser is over. It was quite the competition! After 6 weeks of grueling diet and exercise, there was a tie! I give my major props to my brother in law, Kevin. He lost 9lbs in the final 2 weeks. It ended up coming down to me and him for the overall biggest loser. He actually won by .04% but was nice enough to share the title(and money) with me. He lost 11.67% total body weight and I lost 11.63%. Crazy, I tell ya!! I thought the whole family did awesome! Here is the run-down:
Kevin: lost 25.2lbs!
Rachelle: lost 20.4 lbs
Jordan: lost 17.8 lbs
Tyler: lost 12.7lbs
Tucker: lost 10.6 lbs
Dad: lost 10.6 lbs
Cheryce: lost 10.6 lbs
Mom: lost 9.8 lbs
Alison: lost 3.6 lbs
Jeff: lost 1.2 lbs
How impressive is that!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Squire Family Biggest Loser

My sister Cheryce put together a little contest for our family. It is the Squire Family Biggest Loser. Everyone in the family who wanted to lose some weight could join. Minus my preggo sisters Morgan and Alysia. We weigh in every 2 weeks to see who has lost the most % of body weight. Tyler won the first round with a whopping 12 lbs in 2 weeks. The next round went to....ME! It has been great motivation to have the whole family doing it. Oh yeah, and did I mention that you win $50! I am so proud of everyone. In 4 weeks my family has lost a total of 117 lbs!! We still have 2 more weeks until the big prize of $15o is awarded to the biggest loser. :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Do you ever wonder how much kids remember from when they are babies? Shelby has this jump rope that she found. She always puts one end into something and the other end under her shirt. I asked her today why she always does that and she said "Cuz, it makes me all better" Makes ya wonder!