Thursday, October 22, 2009

Biggest Loser Update #2

So the Squire family biggest loser is over. It was quite the competition! After 6 weeks of grueling diet and exercise, there was a tie! I give my major props to my brother in law, Kevin. He lost 9lbs in the final 2 weeks. It ended up coming down to me and him for the overall biggest loser. He actually won by .04% but was nice enough to share the title(and money) with me. He lost 11.67% total body weight and I lost 11.63%. Crazy, I tell ya!! I thought the whole family did awesome! Here is the run-down:
Kevin: lost 25.2lbs!
Rachelle: lost 20.4 lbs
Jordan: lost 17.8 lbs
Tyler: lost 12.7lbs
Tucker: lost 10.6 lbs
Dad: lost 10.6 lbs
Cheryce: lost 10.6 lbs
Mom: lost 9.8 lbs
Alison: lost 3.6 lbs
Jeff: lost 1.2 lbs
How impressive is that!


Becky said...

That is awesome! So what did you do to lose it?? Seriously let me know.

Mitzi said...

That is so awesome! Congratulations! I need to follow your lead! :)

Rachelle said...

I just followed a low calorie diet and exercised every day. I can never stick to anything, so this was good for me!

Kris & Stacy said...

Wow! Seriously! So are you going to run the Ogden marathon with me and Lace?

The Lilly's said...

I thought you looked skinny in your Monday Night Football post, then I scrolled down and read this, now I know why! Congrats, what an accomplishment!

Jana said...

WOW Rachelle! that's awesome i'm proud of you