Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Party

That's us!

Minnie, a flapper, a gangsta and Mickey!

Cute little Minnie and Mickey


Alison goes for the gold!....Miller gold that is.

The 2 reining grandsons

2 Minnie's and a fairy

Its time again! For the annual Squire Family Halloween party. I love to see everyone's costumes. We missed Jordan and Morgan this year.....BUT I gained a sweet little niece instead!


alisquire said...

Great party and great costumes! I love the last picture. I noticed Kate trying to steal the glory when you were taking it. Little naughty pants!

Jana said...

I love you're costume Rachelle!
Shelby & Keaton are so cute!

The Lilly's said...

Your little Minnie and Mickey are so adorable. Was Keaton pretty good at keeping that costume on? I love the way your family is color coordinated, you guys are so cute.

The Belshes said...

So cute!!!