Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A room full of toppers

Do you have a topper in your life? Ya know, the people that jump in after you have told a story saying that they have had a bigger and better story to tell you. Example: You say: "I had the worst day at work today, I got cursed out, I stubbed my toe and I lost my purse." Topper: "Well that's nothing compared to the day I had last week. I got cursed out by 10 people, I had my foot amputated and had my purse stolen at gunpoint." LOL!!! Well, the Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic where I take Shelby for her evaluations is full of toppers. There is a lot of people there and they all have preemies. The second you walk through the door people are asking your story. They all want to tell you how much sicker their child was then yours. I REALLY enjoy sitting in the corner and watching these exchanges between people. It's funny as it goes back and forth between the toppers. I try really hard not to be a topper, so please feel free to inform me if I start topping.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another 6 months gone by...

I cannot even begin to tell you the anxiety/panic I feel every 6 months when I have to take Shelby to the eye Dr. It terrifies me. About the week before her appointment, I start thinking about it non-stop, losing sleep etc. Well today was that day. They did a full evaluation at the Neonatal Follow-up Clinic. I love seeing her progress. My favorite answer of the day was in the psychology evaluation. The psychologist asked her what trains do. She answered matter-of-factly, they are for going potty. She repeated the question and said "they go potty." It was pretty funny some of the things she said to the questions. Anyway, back to the eyes, Shelby loves her eye Dr. She was actually excited to get the eye drops to dilate her eyes. The assistant said she has never seen that! However, it was another heartbreaking visit. Her vision got considerably worse again. I asked him to lay it out for me and tell me what he expected long term for her. He told me that as her eyes get worse her risk for retina detachment(complete blindness) goes up quite a bit. It kills me. I can't possibly imagine her losing her vision. It makes you so grateful for what we have and I hope and pray that Shelby never has to go through that.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Shelby and Keaton love to play with strollers. The funny thing is what Shelby likes to push around in her stroller. I will be looking for something and later find it in her stroller. Anything from her shoes, barbie doll shoes, cars, forks, books, animals, marbles....Here is her collection from this morning.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Dont judge us that Keaton is still wearing the purple pants!

Samantha and Shelby

Love that smile!

Who knew such fun was in my parents backyard?! We havent been sledding in YEARS and it was the first time the kids had gone. They loved it! Shelby would laugh the entire way down the hill and Keaton wanted to go again and again. Who's up for some sledding??

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

A daddy's boy.

Samantha and Shelby

We celebrated the new year with Tucker's family. We played games and passed around the 2010 glasses. Michele, Woody and Samantha were in town to celebrate too!