Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Warmer Week

Grandma and Shelby

Tucker and Keaton at the animal show.


I was surprised she actually wanted to touch the Starfish.

Keaton just wanted to look.

Did you know that they will wrap around your hand?

Keaton is such a daddy's boy.

Shelby at the park.

Too cool for school

Enjoying the sun!

Las Vegas!!!

The Monte Carlo

The view from our window.

I have been CRAVING some sun. I am such a warm weather, beach girl and these long Utah winters are no good for me. This week was fabulous though. My mom gave Shelby a trip to Sea World for her birthday and she was nice enough to let us tag along. We flew out on Monday into Long Beach and drove down to San Diego. My mom got a beautiful hotel right in San Diego bay. The next morning we went to Sea World. It was a perfect time to go. There were no crowds at all. Shelby and Keaton had so much fun looking at the animals and were in LOVE with Shamu. That night we went out to dinner and then visited our family in San Diego. On Wednesday we went over to Coronado and let the kids play at the park, did some shopping at Outlets right by the Mexican border, drove back up to Long Beach and walked along the Seal Beach Pier. We got home around midnight that night. It was so nice of my mom to take us with her. THANK YOU MOM!
The next morning bright and early, Tucker and I hopped back on a plane to Long Beach and flew to Las Vegas. We stayed at the Monte Carlo and they upgraded us to a gorgeous suite on the 28th floor. We went out and had a yummy dinner and got some cheap tickets to the Cirque De Soleil Show Ka. It was pretty good. Tucker loved it. It was so nice to sleep in the next morning! We checked out and flew back to Long Beach. We had a long layover so we walked around Long Beach for a while and finally got back around 12:30am.


Anonymous said...

Ooooolala that sounds wonderful Rachelle! My favorite pics are the one of u flashing the peace sign and Shelby in her cute rainbow shirt. Adorable!!!!!:)

Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

WOW! Sounds like fun! I love the pictures.

tysqui said...

Shamu is a Death Eater.

Alysia said...

Love the pictures, you got some cute ones! Where to next?

Sandy said...

sounds lovely! I Love the small unexpected escapes from life (and winter weather)! Next time you have a long layover in LGB call me!

Mitzi said...

That sounds SO FUN! What a great getaway this time of year!