Sunday, March 28, 2010


Another cotton candy shot...I can't resist!

Lysh, Shel and Al

Had to go say hi to my man during halftime. They had really sweet seats.

All the girls!

We had so much fun at girls night out this year. My dad had extra tickets to the NCAA Elite Eight game so we were lucky enough to get to go to that. Butler upset Kansas State. It was so much fun to be there and watch some of March Madness in person. After the game we went to The Gateway for some shopping and then went to dinner at The Garden. I haven't been there in so long and it was delish! After dinner we went to Legally Blonde The Musical. It was a cute a funny show. A perfect girls night out!


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

Sounds like you guys had fun!

Anonymous said...

You and your sisters & Mom always have the greatest time!!:) Rachelle- you look SO good!!:)

Alysia said...

We need to do those more often because it was so great! mmmmm... cotton candy.