Friday, April 23, 2010

Dance Recital!

The best pictures I had of her onstage. :/

My cute little bee without her wings

Grandma and Shelby

Shelby had a dance recital at her school yesterday. It was cute. They just danced to one song, but they had them dressed up like cute little bees. Of course Shelby was off in her own world, just doing her thing, but it was so fun to watch her.


T.Irwin said...

Shelby is so cute. It's hard to get a good picture in the low lighing of the stage/audience.

Alysia said...

I love the little bee costume. How cute. I love that her school does so many different things. That is great that she is brave enough to get up and perform. oh and congrats to keats, I hope he keeps up the good work on your trip.