Monday, May 31, 2010


The fishergirls

We both had to pretend to catch a fish, just in case we didn't end up catching anything. We are awesome like that!

Silly dad

Alysia's Beaut

Reelin' it in!

My fish! Dad is so nice; he touches the fish, baits our hooks and gets everything else ready.

It has been a long tradition of me and my dad going fishing. We haven't been in a while and finally I pinned him down to take me. Alysia came too and we had lots of fun. We drove up to Strawberry and it was SO windy. We hiked to our first lucky spot but it was so windy you couldn't even cast out. Then we went to a little cove and tried our luck there but did not catch anything. We decided to try driving to Jordanelle and see if we had better luck. Alysia caught a fish within a few minutes and then I caught one a few minutes after that. Those were our only catches of the day. At least it was good company!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My preschool graduate!

Last day of preschool


Walking down the aisle to get her diploma.

My beautiful Shelby.

Shelby is officially graduated from preschool, whether I am ready for that or not! They had another adorable program. She did pretty good singing her songs and walking down the aisle to get her diploma. We are going to miss her teachers so much. They are the most caring, wonderful people. Shelby has grown a lot during her 2 1/2 years with them! Bring on summer!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Shelby's school carnival was cancelled 4 times due to bad weather. They finally found a sunny day to have it on. I took the kids yesterday and they had so much fun. They went down this huge whale slide over and over. I thought Keaton would get scared at the top, but he went down without giving it a second thought!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our home away from home

Chillin' on the airplane

Ocean Overlook

Feeding the chipmunks

It was so cute, Keaton would bend down and call to them like dogs.

Loving the beach

They loved to run away from the waves.

Keaton and daddy

Tired after a great vacation.

Another trip to San Diego is in the books. It was wonderful. We left on Friday morning and flew into Long Beach. We rented a car and drove down to San Diego. On the way down, we stopped at a viewpoint overlooking the ocean. When we got out there were chipmunks everywhere. I guess that people feed them all the time so they are very people friendly. There was a group there feeding them nuts and let the kids have some. They had so much fun feeding them. We got to San Diego and just hung out at Michele and Woody's house that night and played games with Samantha. The next day we went to Torrey Pines beach. It was windy and cold at the beach, so we didn't stay too long. The kids still had lots of fun. That evening we tried to go to Old Town for our traditional dinner, but we forgot it was the weekend before Cinco De Mayo and it was CRAZY. So we went to a yummy Italian place called Di Milles. The rest of them time we just went shopping, ate at In N Out a couple of times, let the kids play at Seal Beach before our flight left home. It was a great weekend!