Saturday, July 24, 2010


The view from our room

The view at night.

Shelby was so excited to see Samantha!

Last week the whole Steed family went to Las Vegas. I decided last minute that I was going to go down with them so I drove down on Tuesday with the kids and surprised them. When we checked in at the Planet Hollywood towers, they gave us the sweetest room upgrade. He put us on the 2nd to top floor in this awesome suite. We hung out at the pool most of the day on Wednesday and then went to a yummy Italian place called Batistas. That night we walked around the strip and watched the fountains at Bellagio. Thursday morning we went to breakfast and then I packed up the kids and we headed home. I borrowed my mom's car to drive down and the check engine light had came on when I almost reached Vegas. We thought it was probably just the gas cap not on tight, but as soon as I left Vegas it started overheating. I made it to St. George with no air-conditioning on and stopped at a shop. He said that someone had put the wrong transmission fluid in her car. They thought I would make it home, but I shouldn't use A.C. It was death. The temperature was at least 108. A few hours out of St. George, Keaton got heat stoke and started throwing up. The poor guy was bright red and dripping sweat. I made it to a town with one gas station, stripped him down, squirted him with water and let him cool down. Scary. He recovered pretty quickly and we made it home after a bunch of cool down stops. I was so glad to be home!!


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

It looked like you guys had a great room. That is pretty scary with the car and Keaton. I am glad that he is doing good.

Alysia said...

what a crazy adventure. That is a trip you will remeber for a long time.