Monday, August 30, 2010

The Lion King

Grandpa and Shelby

My parents were so nice and took me to Lion King for my birthday. They also took all the grandkids over 5 so Shelby got to come too. We went to dinner before at the Olive Garden and then over to Capital Theatre. The show was AWESOME! They did such a good job. At one point in the show, the hyenas come into the crowd and one picked Shelby to come behind her and scare. It was good stuff. Thanks mom and dad!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Crickey. I have been dreading this day for years. The day that Shelby starts Kindergarten. She did pretty good. I took her in yesterday morning, we got within 5 feet of her door and she started crying. She walked inside and gave her teacher a big hug and I left. I cried on the way home. It's just so official, she's growing up. I miss her. She came home on the bus and thankfully there is a new bus driver this year. He is really nice and makes Shelby feel comfortable so she was happy. I sent her on the bus this morning and she happily waved goodbye. I really hope she has a great year!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Jamaica Man

Just so you know, Jamaicans really do say Man after everything they say. I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in Jamaica this year. It was beautiful and so much fun. We stayed at the Sandals Grande Ocho Rios and it was unreal! We flew into Montego Bay and took a terrifying 90 minute drive to our resort. They put us in a beautiful room that had a private pool with 2 other rooms. Lucky for us the other 2 rooms were empty while we were there. There was so much to do there. We lounged in the pool, played basketball, darts, ping-pong, checkers, pool and shuffleboard. There was lots of fun entertainment every night. On my birthday we hiked these amazing falls called Dunn's River Falls. That was one of my favorite things we did the entire time. You start at the beach and then you climb 900 feet in the falls. The pictures tell the best story, so here they are!

Our room

The private pool.

The falls at the hotel

Tuckers has skillz

Date night!

On the paddle boat


Happy Birthday to me! Our dinner was on the pier over the water. It was perfect!

The view from our balcony.

Dunns River Falls
It was gorgeous!

Looking good!

The pier

That's T out there!

One of the many gorgeous pools! They have over 100 pools at the resort!

Lots of pretty flowers.

The rock wall

Jamaica Man!


A beautiful canopy

Our last night *sniff, sniff*

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Shelby, Kate, Sophie, Reese, Ada and the neighbor girl Emma.

Keaton loves this swing!

Shelby wants to ride her bike every day.

Cute Brynlee eating her food.

This picture was taken right before Keaton and Reese biffed it. Poor kids. :(

Summer-time at the Squire house, means every other Sunday all the cute grandkids play outside and ride down the hill on their bikes. They get going so fast, it makes me so nervous! They ride down over and over for hours!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am so happy. Shelby had her eye appointment last week and her vision has stayed the same!!! She won't need new glasses for at least another 6 months! Also her eye Dr. has decided that it is time to put her in contacts. He thinks it will help her eyes, and help her see better. Won't that be weird to see Shelby without her glasses? There is only one Dr. in the state that her Opthamologist wanted her to see to fit her for contacts, so it won't be until the end of September.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Keaterbug is 3!!!

Painting his car orange...of course!

Brynlee and Morg

Isabelle, grandma and grandpa

Alysia enjoying a snow cone

Me and Jana!

Keaton making a candy car with paint on his face.

Cute Dax

Keaton loved his umbrella
Kate was a big helper!

Tyler, Ngoc Lan and Shelby

Sharon, Spence and grandpa Joe

Another masterpiece by Debby. She is amazing!

Keaton was shy when we were singing to him.

He loved the cake!

Say Whaaa??? Yes, it's true. My baby boy is three! We had the funnest birthday party for Keaton. I love to plan parties. We had the party at Tucker's parents this year. It was a Car's theme. We had pinewood derby cars to paint, candy cars to eat and the greatest part of all...a snow cone machine. It was divine!
Some facts about Keaton:
  • He is a huge snuggler. He loves to gives hugs, kisses and just curl up next to you on the couch.
  • His favorite color is orange. He says it so cute! Ask him to say it for you sometime.
  • He is a peacemaker. He still will say he wants the opposite of what you say. He always lets Shelby take first pick and he shares so good.
  • He loves soccer, t-ball and catch, but he also loves purple high heels, purses and earrings.
  • He finally sleeps in a big boy bed. He never once tried to get out of his crib and we didn't need to crib for another baby so we left him in it until he was three and then got him a big boy bed. He never tries to get out of that either. He is a champ!
  • He loves to sing in the car.
  • His favorite food is macaroni and cheese

We love you so much Keats!