Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Keaterbug is 3!!!

Painting his car orange...of course!

Brynlee and Morg

Isabelle, grandma and grandpa

Alysia enjoying a snow cone

Me and Jana!

Keaton making a candy car with paint on his face.

Cute Dax

Keaton loved his umbrella
Kate was a big helper!

Tyler, Ngoc Lan and Shelby

Sharon, Spence and grandpa Joe

Another masterpiece by Debby. She is amazing!

Keaton was shy when we were singing to him.

He loved the cake!

Say Whaaa??? Yes, it's true. My baby boy is three! We had the funnest birthday party for Keaton. I love to plan parties. We had the party at Tucker's parents this year. It was a Car's theme. We had pinewood derby cars to paint, candy cars to eat and the greatest part of all...a snow cone machine. It was divine!
Some facts about Keaton:
  • He is a huge snuggler. He loves to gives hugs, kisses and just curl up next to you on the couch.
  • His favorite color is orange. He says it so cute! Ask him to say it for you sometime.
  • He is a peacemaker. He still will say he wants the opposite of what you say. He always lets Shelby take first pick and he shares so good.
  • He loves soccer, t-ball and catch, but he also loves purple high heels, purses and earrings.
  • He finally sleeps in a big boy bed. He never once tried to get out of his crib and we didn't need to crib for another baby so we left him in it until he was three and then got him a big boy bed. He never tries to get out of that either. He is a champ!
  • He loves to sing in the car.
  • His favorite food is macaroni and cheese

We love you so much Keats!


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

Happy Birthday Keaton! It looked like he had a great birthday. Rocky would of loved his birthday party!!

alisquire said...

What a cute kid. We had so much fun at the party!

Alysia said...

He is such a cute little man. I love how he says orange too.

The Lilly's said...

That looks like a rockin' b-day party, and he sounds like an angel of a 3 year old! Seems like yesterday we were pregnant with our boys!

Anonymous said...

it was super fun!

Bruce and Mitzi said...

Rachelle, he is just so adorable! I love all the things you wrote about him...what a sweet boy!

Happy Birthday, Keaton!