Thursday, September 9, 2010


Here he is, looking all grown up!


In class, ready to go!

This was today, the 2nd day of school. He was so excited to wear his rain jacket and go back to school.

Keaton started preschool this week. He loves it! I was worried about how he would do(or was it how I would do?), but he went right in and sat down and said bye. It is so weird to be alone for a few hours twice a week. I miss both of my school kids!
On a side note, Keaton had his 3 year old well check appt. yesterday. He weighs 28.8lbs (16th percentile) and is 36.9 inches tall(18th percentile). His height dropped from the 77th% to the 18th% in a year, so that was a little strange. He is a healthy 3 year old!


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

He is getting so big and growing up too fast.

Amber said...

he has such a good smile!

Anonymous said...

Ok, THAT is cute!

The Meyer Family said...

Awesome...I hate that they grow up so fast :(