Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Who knew Santa's sleigh could be found in the airport?

My brother and his family happened to be at Disneyland on the same day, so my mom flew down for the day to help them.

BFF'S Samantha and Shelby

She was laughing the whole time driving at Autopia. It was hilarious!

Small world was really cool for Christmas.

Shelby and I just got back from the funnest girls weekend. We left early Friday morning and went to California. We met Tuckers cousin, Michele and her daughter Samantha at Disneyland. Shelby was SO excited to see Samantha. She wanted to be a big girl just like her. She went on all the scary rides that terrified her last year. Her favorite ride was Thunder Mountain. I was really surprised. That night I drove down to San Diego and we stayed at Michele's house the next 2 nights. We watched Christmas movies, played games, made cookies, enjoyed the 86 degree weather! It was awesome.


becky rigby said...

I can't beleive she went on Thunder Mountain! That ride still scares me. =) You and your cute little family have so much fun. I am so jealous of all your trips.

Alysia said...

I can't believe that Shelby was so brave too. Who would have thought?! Looks like a very fun trip.

alisquire said...

Which scary rides did Shelby go on? I think Ada was traumatized after Tower of Terror. Glad you had a good trip. Too bad we didn't see you!