Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Matching Jammies!

Josh and Ngoc Lan

Di and Ty

Dawn, Honey and Wen

The boys

Running up the stairs on Christmas morning.

Shelby by her loot

Keaton by his goods.

Chloe loves her jumper

Shelby's favorite Christmas toy

Keaton's favorite

Tucker's cousin Michele gave the kids matching jammies. I love them!

We had a pretty good Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve I hosted all of Tucker's family at our house. I was sad about missing my family party but we had a good time. On Christmas morning we woke the kids up at about 8:15. They were so excited to run up the stairs and see what Santa brought them. They must have been good because he brought them lots of fun stuff. We ate breakfast at the Steeds and then spent the afternoon at my parents. We played some fun games and ate lots of food! That night we had Christmas dinner at the Steeds.

Friday, December 23, 2011

6 months

She looks so big in this picture!

Another month come and gone! Chloe is 6 months. She is getting so big...Literally! She is my chubby bubby and I love it. She is getting better with letting other people hold her but still wants me a lot of the time. She grunts all the time. It is this weird, loud grunt. She is doing pretty good at sitting up. She definitely need pillows around her but will sit up for short amounts of time. She loves to laugh at Shelby and Keaton. Sometimes they will just be talking and she will burst out laughing. So cute!! Here are her stats:

14lb 13 oz.....27%

25.87 Inches.....56%

Gingerbread Houses/Cookie Day

Snoopys dog house

Cute little helpers

Showing off the goods!

All the houses

My parents annual gingerbread house party was a big success. Shelby and Keaton sat for hours decorating their houses(and eating all the candy) A few weeks later we had cookie day at the Steeds and made some yummy cookies.

A few firsts

Chloe has tried a few new things this past week. Her first bath...which she loved! We also tried some baby cereal/food with her. I still don't know how she feels about it.

Lost Tooth!

Shelby lost her first tooth last Monday. She pulled it out all by herself and was SO excited when the tooth fairy came. She brought her some bubble tape and $3.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mid-December Happenings

Daddy helped Shelby put the star on top of our tree

Shelby's school had the cutest program. It was the Polar Express. They gave every family a hard cover Polar Express book and a bell. The chairs were set up like we were on a train.

Grandma, Grandpa and Chloe

Tyler, Di and Debby

Keaton in his jammies on the Polar Express!

Shelby had her part memorized. "Who gets the first gift of Christmas, they all asked?"

Last weekend we went to see the Temple Square lights with Kevin and Alysia. It was SOOO crowded but it was still fun to see the lights.

The cute Bischoffs

Keaton on Trax

I can't believe that we are 11 days before Christmas. Is it crazy that I am already sad about it being over soon? Yes, but thats ok.

Monday, December 12, 2011


The kids loved the pinata

We had the Lisonbee family Christmas party last Saturday morning. It was good food and the kids had so much fun with Santa.