Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Party #2

Party #2 was awesome. Everyone brings soup so their are a bunch of different kinds to try. My aunt brings my very favorite soup in the world though, so that is all I eat. After a great dinner they have a little program. Shelby wanted to go up and sing with Ada so I let her go up there. She got stage fright when she got up there so she left Ada flying solo. The funniest thing happened after that though. As soon as Ada was done, Keaton goes up and grabs the microphone and out of no where starts singing Jingle Bells. I was laughing so hard, that I was crying. I wish that I would have had my video recorder. It was so cute!


McKell said...

Classic :) you have the cutest kids! I'm glad they participated in the program so I didn't have to.