Friday, February 11, 2011

Chuck E Cheese

Debby deserves top honors for her cakes. She always impresses me so much!

Keaton loved crusin' in this jeep.

Dax, Sophie, Ada, Reese, Kevin, Isabelle and Teagan.

Dax and Jana

Tyler, Alison, Kate, Alysia and Mom.

Ngoc Lan, Jeremy, Josh and Richard.

Dianne and Debby.

Shelby is so excited for her cake!
Blowing out the candles.

Shelby and ChuckE

Shelby got to try out the ticket wind tunnel. It was pretty funny.

Opening presents!

Shelby wanted her birthday party at ChuckECheeses this year. We invited all of our families and Jana and Dax. It turned out great. It was much easier to have it there. We ate pizza, played games, sang and opened presents. Shelby LOVED it! Thank you everyone for coming and making it a special birthday for Shelby.


Alysia said...

Happy 6th Birthday Shelby! The kids had so much fun at the party. Reese has asked to go back to cc's at least five times since then. Cute pictures- She is such a cute girl.

Weisenbeck Family said...

Happy Birthday Shelby! I can't believe our girls are 6 already. Where does the time go. Congratulations on having another girl. I'm so excited for you.