Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Shelby!

6 years ago this week, my sweet little Shelby came into this world. I am going to write about her birth story since I never really wrote it down.

On February 1st 2005, I was working the night shift on the maternity floor at LDS hospital. I was working with my BFF Jana and we were taking our blood pressures like we always do. Mine was around 195-110. I was really surprised since my BP is usually always low. I had the resident come over and she took it and told me to go to Labor and Delivery. My Dr came in the morning and told me they were admitting me. I had to be pushed back over in a bed to my work. It was embarrassing because I felt fine.
Over the next week I was on bed rest and my blood pressure stayed higher then normal but not horrible. On the night of February 7th, things started to go south. My blood pressure spiked really high and would not go down even with medication. I had a horrible headache. They did labs and diagnosed me with HELLP syndrome. They were taking my blood pressure every 15 minutes and for the first time since I had been admitted I was scared. In the week that I had been in the hospital I hadn't really given thought that I might actually deliver early. In my naive ways, I thought that everything would be fine. I called my mom at 5:00 in the morning on the 8th and told her that they planned to deliver me via C-section that morning. I remember being so scared to call her because that made it real. She said that they would not be delivering me and that she was on her way right then. However, when she got to the hospital and saw the condition that I was in, she knew that it had to be done. I tried calling Tucker over and over again but I could not get him to answer. I finally called his mom to go wake him and bring him down. She had to bang on the window with a rake before he finally woke up. Once he got there they started the C-section. I felt so claustrophobic and scared during the surgery. Shelby did not cry when they took her out. My mom was able to hand her over to the NICU personnel so they could start working on her. After I was stitched up they wheeled me over in my bed to the NICU to see Shelby. She was so small. I couldn't see her for the next 24 hours because I was on a medication that I had to stay in bed for. The next few days I spent as much time in the NICU as I could with her. It was so hard to leave the hospital without her. I'm so proud of my sweet girl and how big of a fighter she is!
Shelby's very first picture. You can see that her head barely comes halfway up on Tuckers wrist.


alisquire said...

What a miracle she is! We had so much fun at her party. Another success!

Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

Oh wow she is definitely a miracle. I didn't even know she was born early. How early was she born? And what is HELLP syndrome? I never heard of it. Happy Birthday Shelby!!

Rachelle said...

She was born 16 weeks early. HELLP stands for Hemolytic anemia Elevated Liver enzymes and Low Platelet count. It is usually a complication from Pregnancy-induced hypertension which results in high blood pressure and your liver starts to shut down. The only way to treat it is by delivery. Crazy stuff!

T.Irwin said...

I remember when I heard that she'd been born so early. We joined many others with our prayers for her health and your family.

She is a walking, talking, breathing miracle and if someone doesn't believe in miracles, they need to meet her.

Happy birthday 6th to her!

Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

Oh wow that is some serious stuff. She is for sure a miracle. I never heard of that syondome until now, I guess I learn new things everyday. I am glad that you and her are doing wonderfully.

Alysia said...

That was such a scary time and she really is a miracle baby. Seeing that picture brings back all the scary times she went through, her birth was only the fist of many miracles that happened those first couple of months.

Amber said...

that is a scary experience. thanks for sharing. i'm soooo glad everything turned out ok.

becky rigby said...

Rachelle, that is so scary. How big was she when she was born? Shelby is such a beautiful little girl, I'm glad she is a fighter. =)

Rachelle said...

She was 1lb 5 oz. My beautiful little peanut!