Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Sausage Foot

My sausage foot

I rode a cart around Walmart...KLASSY!

I broke my foot on Monday. No, it wasn't a great story. I tripped. Bad. It was awkward. I was running out to get Shelby off the bus and I just fell right in front of the bus driver. :D I hobbled back inside and I knew that something was wrong. It is the worst timing! I need to be unpacking our house, but I guess it will get done eventually. Last night I told Tucker to come look at my sausage foot, (because it is so tight and swollen) and now Keaton won't stop saying sausage foot. He laughs and says it over and over again. Hopefully it heals quickly!


T.Irwin said...

oh, ugh!! I'm sorry! It take some adjusting when you are down by a foot.

I've been there too many times...and falling in front of the bus must have been a special moment for you, eh?

Heal quickly!

Alysia said...

I hope that your foot is feeling better! I love the picture- I am glad you put it on your blog so you can document driving that cart forever!