Sunday, October 2, 2011

My first business trip.

My work was having a conference in Orlando and I was chosen to go. I was so excited but nervous to leave Chloe so luckily my kind mom offered to go and watch Chloe while I was working. We got in to Orlando on Thursday morning and I had to go right down to my conference. That night we went to downtown Disney and had dinner and walked around. On Friday I worked in the morning and then we went to Universal Orlando and most importantly The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It.was.perfect. I was so excited that I called Chloe, "Chosie" ...which by the way is a combination of "the chosen one" and Chloe. :) We spent most the day there. One of the best parts was the butterbeer. It was the best thing I have ever had. The rides were good too. That night we went to dinner at a yummy Italian resteraunt. The next morning I woke up early to take my mom to the airport and then spent the rest of the morning by the pool. Chloe and I left that afternoon and went from Orlando to Austin to Long Beach to Salt Lake. It was long but Chloe did not make a peep the entire time! It was lots of fun to go on a trip paid for by my work...and to get paid for going! Thanks to my mom for helping me and My mother in law for taking Shelby and Keaton while Tucker was at work...I have the best family!

The resort we stayed at. It was huge!

Mama and Chloe

Chloe and grandma

The resort had tons of pools and a waterslide.

Downtown Disney

Hogwarts Express



The beauxbatons and Durmstrang wizards good.



Singing Frogs


Chloe was happy the whole time.

My favorite picture


Kevin said...

I will have to try butter beer some day. mmmmmm.

Kevin said...

Sorry, I didn't realize kevin was signed in but it is really alysia.

becky rigby said...

Wow, that looks amazing. I'm glad you had a great time. You do have an awesome family. You get to do so many fun things. I'm jealous. =)