Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The famous Squire party picture!!

Cute kiddos

Tucker and I decided at the last minute that we wanted to be angry birds. We got the stuff and made the costumes. They turned out really good.

No joke.

Princess Leia eating worms.

Chloe and Wenda

Angry birds.

It will never be a party again unless we take a few rediculous shots of these 3 babes!

I love these 2 unicorns.

We had Tuckers family over to our house on Halloween to celebrate Ngoc Lan's birthday.


Anonymous said...

Ok.. first of all, how the heck did you make those angry birds costumes?! AWESOME! I LOVE love love love Shelby and Chloe as unicorns. So cute!

Kevin said...

I can't believe that you made those angry bird costumes! You did such a great job. I love the unicorn costumes.

Kevin said...

that was alysia, btw.