Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Matching Jammies!

Josh and Ngoc Lan

Di and Ty

Dawn, Honey and Wen

The boys

Running up the stairs on Christmas morning.

Shelby by her loot

Keaton by his goods.

Chloe loves her jumper

Shelby's favorite Christmas toy

Keaton's favorite

Tucker's cousin Michele gave the kids matching jammies. I love them!

We had a pretty good Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve I hosted all of Tucker's family at our house. I was sad about missing my family party but we had a good time. On Christmas morning we woke the kids up at about 8:15. They were so excited to run up the stairs and see what Santa brought them. They must have been good because he brought them lots of fun stuff. We ate breakfast at the Steeds and then spent the afternoon at my parents. We played some fun games and ate lots of food! That night we had Christmas dinner at the Steeds.


Kevin said...

Looks like your party turned out good! I love the matching Christmas jammies!

Kevin said...

Oh BTW- it's Alysia