Monday, December 5, 2011

The ox is in the mire

The kids loved this bubble thing at the festival of trees

The kids thankful turkeys this year. Keaton's was: Food, toys, spider, daddy, Samantha and Jesus. Shelbys was: School, USA, daddy, mommy, grandmas, Samantha and friends.

Jordan is in the Savior of the World playing at the conference center. He did so good and I really enjoyed the show this year.

I went with Alysia to the dinosaur park. It was freezing so we didn't stay to long.


Shelby made these cute things at school

Big girl!

Grandpa with Avery and Chloe. About 5 minutes later they were both out.


Cute Shelby

Shelby had crazy hair day at school. She named herself Marla.


Alysia said...

Marla- That is funny. I like the spit-up picture. Always a classic.

becky rigby said...

Marla? Random. That picture of you and Jordan is so cute. You are so stinkin' photogenic. Looks like your kids are too. Lucky! =)